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Explore all of the amazing NFT and Gaming projects and tools built on top of Gnosis Chain.


Cold Truth Culture


Cold Truth Culture is a safe place in crypto space for people to hang out, talk and learn about digital assets, NFTs, share ideas, share artwork and reward people that contribute to our ecosystem.


RTS game

An unstoppable and open-ended game of strategy and diplomacy running on Gnosis Chain.

Dark Forest

RTS game | zk game

Decentralized RTS game, built with zk-snarks on Gnosis Chain.


POAP | Badges

Recognition for Your Contributions. Issue digital badges as a special way to nurture your community. Earn them to build an unbiased track record of your work.


RTS game

Mithraeum is a pure on-chain grand strategy game with a strong emphasis on players’ social interactions. The game immerses you in the atmosphere of historical eras, great battles, extensive sieges, and alliances within one global map.


1Hive | Collection

A collection of unique animated bees from the community artists at 1Hive, Agave, BrightID, GUStakes, TEC, Shapeshift, xDai punks and Gitcoin.

NFBeez Cube

1Hive | Collection

A journey through the Gnosis Chain ecosystem. Collect all the cards to create the DAO cube.

NFT Calendar

NFT drops

NFTCalendar is the first calendar in the NFT Universe. We cover the most eye-catching drops, exciting events, and high-profile releases that keep the wheels of the Non-Fungible Token industry turning!

Nifty Fair


Discover, collect, and sell NFTs. On-chain and curated by our community.

Nifty Ink

Create NFTs | Builder

A scaffold-eth build for creating an NFT platform that scales.


Events | Badges

POAP, short for "Proof of Attendance Protocol," allows you to mint memories as digital mementos we call "POAPs." Give POAPs to people for sharing a memory with you.

Rare Gems


Non-Custodial, Multi-Chain, NFT Marketplace.

Simple Hash

NFT API | Multi-chain

Multi-chain NFT API. Instant access to NFT data on 20 chains.

uNFT Wallet

NFT portfolio

View and manage all your NFTs in a single place.

XP Network

NFT Bridge

A powerful NFT bridge trusted by all major blockchains.